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i know i haven't posted in a long while and since im not that into bort that much anymore ima start posting my MLP art when i get back from my vacation. So expect some art from me.

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Chapter 9

Its Christmas day and Bart woke up happy because he got a letter a few weeks ago from Maggie that they were coming to give him presents. Bob was reading a book as usual and when Bart woke up it was lets say kinda.....Awkward....They both remembered the night before when they both showed their love for each other and when they started "dating" i think you can call it. "Morning Bob and Merry Christmas" Bart said. "Morning and Merry Christmas to you to Bartholomew" Bob replied. Bart gave Bob a little kiss on lips before going to the showers. Bob was left blushing. Cecil came in and said "Hello Robert", Bob replied with a simple 'hello' and got up to take a shower also but Cecil pushed him back onto the wall and kissed him. Bob pushed him away "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS WRONG WITH YOU CECIL!". Cecil just looked down with an angry face and since Bob wasn't in the mood for drama he pushed him and walked away.Cecil followed him shortly.

Bart went to the showers and put it on warm water, thank goodness no one was there since they all took showers an hour earlier but Bart didn't mine the loneliness. This prison isn't really a prison for Bart, its more like a Home for the troubled people but with prison like rules but not very strict. Like for example you can wake up at anytime of day, same with eating,going outside,watching TV,talking to visitors ETC. Bart was so deep in thought he didn't notice two prisoners looking at him with some sexual interest until he felt something hard on his butt cheek.He turned around and got pushed hard to the wall. Bart looked up and saw it was Michael and Xaiton."Well look who it is"  Said Xaiton," Its Robert's pet" Michael spat out with an evil chuckle. Xaiton grabbed Bart and turned him around. "With the shower on and the soap still on his body too his ass is well lubricated" Michael smiled with delight, he pushed Bart on his fours. Xaiton and Michael were about to push in both of Bart's wholes when Bob came raging in and punched the shit out of Xaiton and Michael. Xaiton Punched Bob in the shoulder, Cecil saw this and got enraged and punched Xaiton. "IF I SEE YOU HURTING OR DOING ANYTHING WRONG TO BART I SWEAR ILL RIP YOUR THROATS OUT AND FEED THEM TO YOU FAMILIES!!!!!!!!" Bob screamed out angry ( A/N: i don't think angry is the right word for it but whatever lol ).When both prisoners left Bob hurried to Bart who was in a corner, Cecil took this as an opportunity to mess with both of them. " Bart are you alright" Bob asked. Bart replied with a "yes". " Don't even bother brother I've seen Bart with both of those men doing things you don't even know and Bart had to repay them but guess he didn't" Cecil said. Bob looked at Bart suspiciously. Bart was MAD " THAT'S NOT TRUE I DON'T EVEN KNOW THOSE GUYS, YOU ONLY WANT TO RUIN MY RELATIONSHIP WITH BOB, YOU THINK I DIDN'T SEE YOU KISS HIM". Bob and Cecil were the ones who were surprised now. Now Bob was looking at Cecil with a stern angry look. Bart stomped out angry. Bob told Cecil "You better be far away from us as possible Cecil".

for a present for my watchers on x-mas i will write the 9th chapter for Triangle Love
sketch of wolf  by sonadow27
sketch of wolf
I just tried a new app to draw I know this is shitty but I promise it will get better

So who wants to do a Sonadow RP ( role play ) with me ?

This last on till Friday . Past Friday there is no more Sonadow rp


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Cris is the name
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I love sonadow

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